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Heat Alarm & CO Detector Installation

CO Detector Installation

At Smoke Alarms Edinburgh, we like to ensure your safety by installing compliant CO detectors where needed.

Different properties need different numbers of CO detectors, for example, if you have a gas-burning stove and a gas boiler you will likely need 2. If you have a gas fire in addition to these in a different room you will probably need 3.

Our CO detector installations are non-intrusive and quick. We only install Aico products so you can be sure that you have reliable alarms. Unlike heat alarms, CO detectors do not need to be interconnected into your existing system to meet new Scottish Government regulations, so can be installed as an addition.

Heat Alarm Installation

Heat alarms are the first line of defense in protecting your property against fires in the kitchen. New Scottish Government regulations require a heat alarm in every kitchen.

Like our smoke alarms, a heat alarm can be either hardwired or standalone and are fitted with tamper-proof 10-year lithium batteries which last the entire life of the unit, so you never have to change them. Our heat alarms are installed in your kitchen instead of a smoke alarm, meaning no more burnt toast nuisance alarms!

Heat alarms also need to be interlinked with your existing system, meaning we can only install them as part of a whole new alarm system in order to meet Scottish Government Guidelines. If you are looking to add a heat alarm to your existing system, chances are that system will not comply.

What are the signs of carbon monoxide?

  • Boiler pilot light flames burning orange instead of blue
  • Sooty stains on or near appliances
  • Excessive condensation in the room
  • Coal or wood fires that burn slowly or go out
  • Families suffering prolonged, flu-like symptoms.

How can I reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning?

  • Have your gas appliances serviced annually by a gas engineer who is registered with Gas Safe Register
  • Use professionals to annually service any other fossil-fuel burning appliances, such as oil or coal burning stoves
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.
  • Ensure detectors are maintained and replaced according to packaging instructions.

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