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More Information about Smoke Alarm Installation in Scotland

Welcome to our new site!

Smoke Alarms Edinburgh Ltd are devoted to protecting your homes, rented properties and business premises from fire. That's why we started this site.

We've tried to summarise the main information on our homepage for a quick read.

We're adding more information daily to help you make the best choices about interlinked smoke alarms for your property before the enforcement of Scotland's new safety law in February.

If you have any questions or would like expert advice tailored to your situation, please get in touch!

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Other Info

For anyone wanting more detailed, general information about smoke alarms and home safety in Scotland, please have a look at these carefully selected sources:

The Scottish Government's Page explaining the new law and its enforcement starting in February

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's page about the new law

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Our electricians have public liability insurance underwritten by Tokio Marine up to £2,000,000
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